Jon Harlson

Jon Harlson is an Illinois native. Having worked as a bartender for nearly 20 years, he was able to converse with people of all political affiliations, financial backgrounds, and lifestyles. Working for small businesses his entire life, Jon knows how much small businesses mean to their communities and how much their successes and failures effect the others. In his current role as a water technician for a water cooler company, he continues to interact with small businesses daily.

Jon is running for Congress to give a voice to the people who are tired of the broken promises made by Democrats and Republicans. Jon wants to help those who want to live lives freer of government control. Jon believes the government takes too much of our money, restricts too many of our rights, and systematically harms innocent people. Jon wants to return the power back to the states, the counties, the cities, the businesses, and, most importantly, the citizens.